Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Questioning ...

If you have an interest in becoming/maintaining  clean/sober/sobriety...and are currently a sex worker or ex-sex worker(not everyone agrees to this term but it is an umbrella term for the many types of workers that exist)...if you are interested in SERENITY and are welcome! All genders are welcome...I know I'm trying to move three mountains here but it has to start somewhere! 


Anonymous said...

how many members do you have in the group?

the Biz said...

at this time it fluctuates b/w myself and one or two members to as many as seven...there are members w/ children and other obligations such as school or well as health it really varies week to week.
just remember you make the group! we need your support as you need ours!

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Legal Issues for Sex Workers!(click on image!)

Legal Issues for Sex Workers!(click on image!)
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