Monday, February 16, 2009

Discussion Topics For Sex Workers In Recovery...

Hello and welcome to theBiz-theBlog!!! There will be a Meeting this evening @7:30pm in Center City(South Street Area)...Post Comment below for input questions, information and location -of course! 

I have listed below some ideas  for the Biz Meeting sharing...

It's An Honest Program
People, Places and Things
Working the Steps
Significant Others
Principles Before Personalities
Safe and Sober-Health Hazards For Sex Workers
Service /Outreach; Our Fellow Sex Workers In Recovery
Spiritual Principles/Higher Power


Anonymous said...

I am an x-stripper and am clean and sober for 3 years . I saw the ad in Unveiled .I would like to come to the meeting sometime soon.Where on South sreet?

jayne/john doe said...

Please email @ jdoeblogspot@gmail for info

Anonymous said...

Hey it's sadie. What are your ideas for service and outreach? I'm onboard. Love the new layout!

jayne/john doe said...

service and out reach Ideas ... our 12 step says carry this message! ...this means getting a speakers posse together...
as a group.,im looking into getting a mtg together @ a north philly clubhouse.word is that many sex workers come to this mtg right off the street.
also through various publications for or of interest to sex workers such as Spread Magazine, Unveiled or Passional Magazine... we can write some articles or do some interveiws...this would increase visibility.
as you know, Project Safe does street outreach ...the Biz mtg members can volunteer...there is cross-support/networking.

any other ideas?

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