Monday, May 4, 2009

We Are Here For You When You Need Us!!!

The Biz Meeting was created to address the issue of Recovery in the population of Sex Workers and Ex-Sex Workers...We meet every Monday @ 7:30pm in Center City Philly.

Because of stigma, prejudice and laws policing a mostly victimless crime...unless of course you count the Sex Workers themselves...who are often harassed, assaulted, abused and murdered by clients, psychopaths,partners and police,etc...We should care about our most vulnerable brothers and sisters in or in need of recovery! Those who are working in the industry, whether they are dancers, hustlers, escorts, or Dommes  risk  persecution,arrest, and even death daily. 
Aside from those concerned about Trafficking,(which is a part of the problem) who  is going to care about and support those of us that are still doing this work???!!! The issue of choice  and the evil of Trafficking become  a mute point when those In The Game /In The Life are overlooked!
"It is not my place  to judge you or what you are doing...but it is my place to love you and let you know...your life matters...!"
Jayne Doe, Former Ho
"Our Lives Matter!!!" 
Sangram ,Sex Workers Peer-Run Activists Group, India

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Legal Issues for Sex Workers!(click on image!)

Legal Issues for Sex Workers!(click on image!)
"Our Lives Matter!"