Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Prostitution Free Zones...WTF!

It is shocking(are you outraged yet??!!) but in some parts of Washington D.C. you can be persecuted/prosecuted for carrying too many condoms! Please refer to "Sex Workers In The News" and my Bloglist ("The Republic Of T.")on this page for more info. Welcome to 1984 and the true Police State!This in dispicable, as it will only lead to fear and desperation, an increase in all stds including HIV! Persecuting and scapegoating Sexworkers for practicing Safer Sex has bled onto the general public and bleed it will. The local government has blood on its hands as this will cost both quality of life and lives-that includes EVERYONE who dares to venture out, have and/ or consider having safer sex!!!

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Legal Issues for Sex Workers!(click on image!)

Legal Issues for Sex Workers!(click on image!)
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