Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A New Beginning...

I regret to inform everyone that( 12-step based) The Biz Meeting for sex workers (in recovery from drugs & alcohol) on Monday eves is NO LONGER IN EXISTANCE
The great news is that the Biz is still ALIVE & KICKING! Members have joined forces with Project Safe(Outreach, Swarthmore Activist Dinner) and continue to support the cause of sex workers as activists on a national and international level!
Some current projects include the Monthly Harm Reduction Networking Tea (Friday April 29 @ Cups & Chairs Tea Cafe, 5-9pm) , Support Group for Sexwokers/Veterans, The Women Of Color Conference,Grant Proposals, and more...

Our Lives Matter!(SANGRAM/ India)
Jayne Doe

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Legal Issues for Sex Workers!(click on image!)

Legal Issues for Sex Workers!(click on image!)
"Our Lives Matter!"